Who Are We?

The ADYTON Law Office was established in 2007 by Balkan ŞENCAN, attorney at law, to solve both national and international disputes in a short time period for a reasonable cost. The Office has broadened its field of activity due to rapid development by adding corresponding firms in İstanbul and İzmir, other than its central office in Ankara. The client portfolio of ADYTON Law Office mainly consists of trade companies and institutions. Most of these companies operate in the energy, construction, education, automotive, industry and international trade sectors.


Our mission is to solve our clients’ legal problems correctly in a short time period for a reasonable cost with full satisfaction.


To provide correct, consistent legal information and action of good quality to reach this aim.


Our main purpose is to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients, with a more quality service than expected.
For this reason;

  • A great importance is given to the individuals.
  • We believe in affective and productive team work.
  • Motivation is kept high in Office and staff accepts the tasks as their own business.
  • Every individual in the Office is “the leader of his/her task”.
  • We obey all legal regulations in our tasks and we do not compromise on this principle.
  • We believe in open communication both in our selves and with clients.
  • We believe that the “Law Firm Structure” of our firm shall be taken as an example among other law offices in Turkey.
  • We aim to produce legal information requested by clients as soon as possible.
  • It is our principle to strain the produced information for two or three times and supply consistency thereof.
  • We aim to specialize to supply productivity and give utmost importance to in service education.
  • The clients contact with same attorneys at all times.